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MAKEit is the fresh new face of our programming for young people, education and schools. Whether you are visiting us in person, or unboxing the maker experience wherever you are, MAKEit keeps young hands and minds engaged, interested and learning the maker way.

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About Makerspace 

Makerspace Al Zeina (former TechShop) is the first makerspace facility in the GCC.

Makerspace is a playground for creativity.

Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center, Makerspace provides access to a wide range of professional equipment and software.

We offer comprehensive instruction and expert staff to ensure you have a safe, meaningful and rewarding experience.

Most importantly, at Makerspace you can explore the world of making in a collaborative and creative environment. 

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Members have access to a wide range of advanced machines and tools, sophisticated 2D and 3D design software, and other professional equipment for a low monthly membership fee. Makerspace membership empowers you like never before. Work on your projects at Makerspace as much as you want. Get expert advice on your project or techniques from our experienced Makerspace staff. Join the Makerspace community of inventors, tinkerers, hobbyists, students, entrepreneurs, and others who want to make things. 

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Online Summer Camps 2020

Ceramics Online Camp
Is your child creative and enjoys crafts? This online ceramics camp is the ideal place for learning new skills and to keep them engaged, busy and learning during school break.

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Online Superheroes Camp
Does your child have a great imagination? enjoys storytelling and digital design? This online camp is the place to foster this creativity, as we will be creating our own superhero from scratch!

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Robotics Online Camp Level 1
An Exciting Online Robotics camp to get the young ones started with Arduino programming and the basics of robotics.

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Scratch Online Coding Camp
Looking for your child to start coding like a pro? Scratch online coding camp is here to help!

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Robotics Online Camp Level 2
An Exciting Online Robotics camp to get the young ones challenged with Arduino programming, mechanical systems, controlled and autonomous behaviour.

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STEAM Online Camp Level 1
Are your kids safe at home this summer? Have them continue learning, making and exploring with this online STEAM camp for beginner.

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Regular Classes & Workshops

Silkscreen Printing Basics SBU
In this hands-on class, learn the basics of silkscreen printing. TechShop makes it easy by using vinyl stencils rather than photo-emulsion. Prepare a...

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Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press SBU
Are you ready to start making your own professional quality heat pressed shirts at TechShop? In this hands-on class, you'll learn all the basics of using...

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Autodesk Inventor
Learn how to navigate, sketch and model in Autodesk Inventor. You will gain a basic understanding of parametric design; file types; dimensioning...

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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Arduino Series: Basic Programming

Saturday, 15. August 2020

11:00 - 14:00 (3 hrs)

from 12 years (with supervision from 8 years)

3 of 4 seats available

Hand Building and the Ceramic Process

Sunday, 16. August 2020

17:00 - 20:00 (3 hrs)

from 12 years (with supervision from 8 years)

3 of 3 seats available

ShopBot SBU – Part 2: CNC Router

Monday, 17. August 2020

16:00 - 18:00 (2 hrs)

from 15 years (with supervision from 12 years)

1 of 3 seats available


Makerspace Equipment & Tools

Bead Roller
Ideal for making reinforcements in sheet metal to add rigidity and produce more stable parts.

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Basic Sewing Machine
With this machine you are able to create different types of stitches on fabric, as well as making light work of those tricky tasks like button holes and stitching zippers!

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Circular Cold Saw
With the circular cold saw you can cut long metal tubes, pipes, and even shafts. This is a Cold Saw because of its ability to spray a coolant

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