Acrylic Sheet - 600 x 450 x 8mm

Various colors

Supplier colour code: S-000

AED 90.00
per sheet | incl. 5% VAT, excl. Shipping

Features of Cast Acrylic Sheets:
  • Surface finish is as smooth as glass
  • Great anti-shatter performance: 7 to 18 times better than glass
  • lmpact strength is 10 times higher than that of glass
  • Half the weight of glass 
  • lmpact strength remains unchanged at a low (-50℃) or high (100℃) temperature
  • Graet weatherability and aging-resistance
  • Great thermoformability
  • Good oil and chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Easily machined and thermoformed
  • Good glue-joint effectiveness
Colour types:
  • Transparent: Images can be viewed through sheet (like tinted glass)
  • Translucent: Light and shadows can be seen through the sheet
  • Fluorescent: The edge appears to glow under ambient light without adding a light source
  • Opaque: Neither light nor images can be seen through the sheet
Laser Cutting Cast Acrylic Sheets:
  • Cutting produces a highly polished edge
  • Engraving results in a frosted appearance
References to the Usage of Cast Acrylic Sheets:
  • Temperature: Acrylic sheets are softened with heating at 100°C or over. To prevent from becoming soft, please keep units beyond the place over 100°C.
  • Scratch: The hardness of surface is equivalent to aluminum, thus be careful to surface protection during process. If there are scratches on the surface of acrylic sheets, polish them with cleaner used for brass that can remove its brilliant surface.
  • Cleaning: Due to acrylic sheet with static electricity, clean the surface with soft and dry cloth wetted 1% soap water when there are dust on the surface.
  • Swell: The coefficient of heat is larger and its tension is about nine times of other metal materials. Remain enough space for its contractility to variable temperature while you install and fix acrylic sheets steady.