PLA Filament (Fil3Dpro)

Various colours | 2.85mm in diameter | 750gram per spool

AED 165.00
per spool | incl. 5% VAT, excl. Shipping

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About Fil3Dpro PLA

PLA – the most commonly used 3D printing filaments. It is the recommended material to start with for both professionals and for beginners. It is an eco-friendly material (made from corn-starch) and odourless which makes it the preferred choice for educators and indoor use. PLA is available in a wide range of colours, easy to print with because of its build plate adhesion and low-warp characteristics.

Reasons to choose Fil3Dpro PLA
  • High-quality filaments for professional printing.
  • Delivering the products meeting European standards.
  • Manufactured with quality and dimensional stability.
  • Made in the Netherlands; creating new standards.
  • Extruder Temperature: 205±15°C
  • Bed Temperature: 40±15°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Blue Painters Tape

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