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Guest Day Pass

Our Guest Day Pass provides non-members one day access to the Makerspace alongside an active Makerspace member. 
  • Guests can only register for a Guest Day Pass in-person at Front Desk together with an active Makerspace member

  • All guests will need to sign and complete our Waiver and Liability Release Form prior to their staff-guided tour.

  • Guests will be issued a guest badge that must be worn and visible at all times.

  • Members are responsible for the welfare of the guest and must accompany them at all times while on-site as well as ensure they adhere to all Makerspace rules and policies.

  • Only active Makerspace members or day-pass users may engage in the member’s work and the use of tools and equipment at Makerspace! Guests who wish to participate in the member’s projects or activities MUST acquire a day pass or membership.

  • Anyone found to be operating tools or equipment without a membership of some kind will result in BOTH the member and guest(s) having all membership privileges revoked.

  • Online payment by credit card only (Visa and MasterCard only).
  • Payments by cheque or cash must be made in person at Makerspace Al Zeina.

Guest Day Pass
  • Your Makerspace guest badge is issued at Front Desk. Includes VAT.
AED 25.00