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see moreCeramics and Hand Building Camp

Camps [CMP], Design & Build [DB]

Is your child creative and enjoys crafts, hand building and sculpting? This ceramics camp is the ideal place for learning new skills and to keep them engaged, busy and learning during school break.

see moreMini Makers

Clubs [CL]

Mini Makers (4-8 years old) can now get creative in our weekly drop-in creative clinics. For 30mins they will learn a fun craft or art activity that they can take home with them.

see moreCeramics Club

Clubs [CL]

Young creatives (8-15 years old) interested in ceramics and crafts can now join the Ceramics Club. Exciting series of weekly sessions that will boost your hand building skills and teach you the basics of this ancient craft.

see moreDesign Technology Club

Clubs [CL]

An evening dedicated to high school students (15-19 years old) that require a place and supervision to work with light forms of machinery with professional training.

see moreRobotics Camp - [Level 1]

Camps [CMP], Robotics [ROB]

An Exciting Robotics camp to get the young ones started with Arduino programming and the basics of robotics.

see moreSustainability STEAM Camp


A unique hands-on programme where you will acquire important life skills, knowledge and develop the right attitude necessary to shape a sustainable Future!

see moreHot Water Steam Boat - [Level 1]


Water: an element that we can take for granted sometimes, as we use it for drinking, cooking, washing, watering...

see moreGenie Stick - [Level 1]


The folk toy known as the Genie, is reputed to have roots at least as far back as ancient China...

see morePhenakistoscope - [Level 1]


The Phenakistoscope is optical toy, was an early animation device that used the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion.

see morePneumatic Lift - [Level 1]


Humans have invented clever ways to get air to do some heavy lifting! The technical term for this is pneumatics, and in this lesson ...

see moreElectric Circuit - [Level 1]


We’re all used to plugging in our devices these days and getting our power up to 100%. But where does that electricity come from?

see moreSTEAM Camp - [Level 2]


Have your kids learn science and apply it to solve practical engineering challenges. Your young innovators will learn how to use state-of-the-art...

see moreHot Wire Game - [Level 2]


Build your very own game and challenge your friends and family to test a steady hand and steady nerves. Players must ...

see moreKaleidoscope - [Level 2]


Using the three folded mirror inside the kaleidoscope; the eye will be tricked to see the inside of the marble.

see moreBubble Making Engine - [Level 2]


This class offers the opportunity to experience different materials (wood, metal, plastic ...) and tools (scroll saw, thermocutter, drill press, ...

see moreSeesaw Engine - [Level 2]


A first introduction to the world of thermomechanics! Building a simple, easily understandable and step-by-step thermal seesaw engine ...

see moreMobile Phone Microscope - [Level 2]


The microscope will enable the students to observe a whole new world that is invisible to the naked eye.

see moreMagnetic Ball Track - [Level 3]


An introduction to Magnetic fields and the possibilities of using the filed energy and transform it into continuous movement ...

see moreSolar Motor - [Level 3]


The Sun is the source of all type of energy in the universe. One of the main Renewable Energy Source is the Sun.

see moreBackpack Alarm - [Level 3]


In this class the students will implement the concepts of electric circuits and vibration sensors to build the cool backpack alarm.

see moreCabinet Monitor - [Level 4]


Security has been a hot topic everywhere in the last decade. Every person loves to keep his/her belongings safeguard...

see moreMagnetic Crane - [Level 4]


cranes can multiply smaller forces to lift heavy loads to great heights, our magnetic crane uses two principles, pneumatic for lifting and electromagnet to interact with other magnetic fields.

see moreCan Music Box - [Level 4]


Students will learn how to make and build a portable loud speaker. With the 3.5mm audio jack it will be easily used with most mobile phones and laptops.