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see moreShopBot SBU – Part 1 - [C]

CNC [CNC], Woodshop [WOD]

Learn the basics of CNC (computer numerical control) devices and software usage. This hands-on class will present the whole CNC process, from CAD...

see moreShopBot SBU – Part 2 - [A]

CNC [CNC], Woodshop [WOD]

In this Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, learn to use the computer-controlled (CNC) ShopBot router to cut objects, parts or art designed in 2D or 3D CAD...

see moreWoodshop SBU - [A]

Woodshop [WOD]

Get practical, hands-on experience using the table saw, sliding compound miter saw, drill press, vertical bandsaw, and belt and disk sanders...

see moreHand Tools - [B]

Woodshop [WOD]

This is a great skill building class for adults who are looking to familiarize themselves with these tools before undertaking a DIY project...

see moreJointer, Planer & Router SBU - [B]

Woodshop [WOD]

Use these woodworking tools to turn rough lumber into finished boards (achieve precise thickness, square edges and flat surfaces) as well...

see moreWood Lathe Basics SBU - [A]

Woodshop [WOD]

Learn the basics of wood turning and the wood lathe. This class is to provide you with the knowledge needed to come back and safely practice and hone your skills as a wood turner!