Corporate Memberships

Makerspace Al Zeina offers benefits for all kinds of users.
Leverage those benefits for your teams and employees with our Corporate Floating Membership.

For companies and corporate partners, there are many reasons to engage with the Makerspace:

  • Access to tools and equipment that can unlock great ideas, in a DIY and DIFM environment
  • An off-campus location for staff to come together away from their usual work environment
  • An innovative start-up atmosphere that inspires the creation of new and innovative products
  • Promotion of innovation culture within your company, and the opportunity to emphasise that goal in a tangible way
  • Space where interdisciplinary teams can work and collaborate rapidly and cost-effectively in iterative prototype construction, in parallel or complementary to the structures of R&D processes
  • Opportunity for fast activation machine training, upskilling, or promoting and supporting lifelong learning
  • A unique initiative for an employee incentive program
  • A great option for team building activities, away days, and social mixers in a family friendly setting

What we offer our Corporate members:

  1. Equipment: Access to our high-tech workshop across an area of ​​1500 m² with a machine park worth over two million euros
  2. Education: Over 40 courses and workshops led by experts
    • Safety and basic function courses for correct and safe machine operation
    • Training courses to build knowledge
    • Workshops for brainstorming and team development
  3. Open innovation environment that allows employees to discover new ideas and skills regardless of their daily work environment.

Corporate membership contracts can be structured in many ways, to suit the specific needs of your company.
For example, our floating membership secures a fixed number of memberships, but their use can be transferred between different staff members or teams at different times.

Some of the considerations to be determined would include:

  1. How many memberships or access points are required initially
  2. What number of those company members would use the Makerspace at the same time
  3. What provision is made for the costs of courses and workshops
  4. What provision is made for material to be made available to employees
  5. Whether membership is set for fixed month term, or annual

Our team will be happy to discuss with you to build a Corporate Package that is tailor-made for your company’s requirements, with options available to suit businesses and organisations of every size and budget.

Contact us today at and let’s start a conversation.

“For a company focused on embracing the newest technology in the rapidly evolving automotive industry, it is essential that Ford provide our staff space for creativity and innovation. We are confident that these makerspaces will encourage and enable our staff to learn, fail, connect and collaborate faster – leading to more human centred design concepts for Ford’s products, services and vehicles of tomorrow.”

Sean Newell
Dean of Innovation Acceleration, Leadership & Technical Training Ford Asia-Pacific