Ceramics and Hand Building Camp

Looking for a fun programme to boost your child's creativity and hand building skills this winter break? 

Your children can learn about clay, glazes, ceramics, and acquire basic hand-building techniques and skills this winter break..

The programme is led by an experienced ceramics tutor and is designed to engage and guide them through designing and building creatively with the material to create unique art pieces they can take pride in.

This camp will give them the basic knowledge they need enabling them to carry on with what they have learned and expand their knowledge and skills set in the future.

Our Winter Ceramics Camp welcomes participants in creating functional objects, where they will each craft an object each day using different ceramic hand-building techniques. All participant's projects can be used at home or as a gift to family and friends.

Camp Schedule 



 Session Description

 1  Sun, 12 Dec. Candle House Lanterns: Participants will learn slab working techniques
2 Mon, 13 Dec. Customised Mug: Participants will learn, pinch potting, coil building, attachment and stamping on clay 
3 Tue, 14 Dec. Geometric Plaster Vase: Participants will learn how to create geometric vases, by creating the mould to how to use plaster and finishing
4 Wed, 15 Dec. Glazing: Participants will learn how to finish and glaze (painting on clay) their work
5 Thu, 16 Dec. Working with Air Dry Clay: Participants will learn how to work with air dry clay, creating containers and homeware in various techniques.

Camp Details


The programme runs from Sunday, 12th to Thursday, 16th of December 2021.

Daily sessions run from 9:30am to 1:30pm.


Member & Non-Member Price: AED 860 per student


Sessions will be held on daily basis at Makerspace Al Zeina facility from Sunday to Thursday.

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No parental supervision is necessary during sessions!

  • Minimum age: 8
  • Maximum age: 12 

Due to health and safety concerns the number of participants is limited.

  • Minimum registrations: 4 (see our Class Policies for more information)
  • Maximum registrations: 12
  • Parents will be notified 48 hours prior to the camps' start in case of any changes.

The camp will be conducted in English.

  • We cannot offer drinks or snacks, so please bring your own water bottles.
  • Should you notice the slightest signs of illness or unusual tiredness, we kindly ask you to stay at home.
  • Social distancing is applied, participants are requested to wear masks at all times.
  • Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for all participants. 

In case you have any more questions, please call or write us to register your children. Bookings are only effective upon receipt of payment.

Mail-2.png  {email}

Phone-2.png +971 2 5588624

Whatsapp-2.png +971 2 5588624

Camp Fee for 12. - 16. Dec.: AED 860.00*VAT 5% and materials included in camp fee