Scratch Online Coding Camp

Looking for a fun program to get you started with coding this Summer? 

Scratch online coding camp is here for you!

This phase 1 coding camp is aimed at students who have had minimal exposure to coding. The program is led by an experienced Design teacher who has proven success with this age range. Students will have fun creating games that use a variety of different Mathematical and Computational thinking concepts. All students will join a platform where they will have an expert on hand to ask questions and receive feedback on the work they have created.

They will have a chance to communicate with one another, as well as, showcase their work and play other student’s games. Students will be guided by detailed, teacher-led, step by step videos, which will help them create comprehensive and relevant coding projects.

This camp will be run completely online for students to participate in the comfort of their own home.


This coding camp can guarantee:
  • Students will enjoy practising coding and showcasing their work
  • Expert help will be on hand if needed to ensure all students are supported fully
  • Students will give and receive feedback from peers in a fun and meaningful way
  • Videos will be available after all sessions for students to practice on their own
  • Students can participate online from home with step by step videos


Key takeaways form this program:
  • Enjoyment, it's fun! 
  • 21st Century Digital Learning Skills
  • Learning New Technologies
  • Mathematical and Computational ideas
  • Creativity
  • Basics of Coding, it's about the basics! 
  • Healthy coding habits 
  • Design process 


Camp Schedule 

      • Camp Dates: Sunday 12/07/2020 to Thursday 16/07/2020, a total of 5 sessions on daily basis. 
      • Sessions start at 12:00pm sharp, and end at 14:00pm.      



      • None! The camp will be conducted in English.

Age & Supervision requirements

      • Minimum age: 7
      • Maximum age: 12
      • No parental supervision is necessary during sessions! Some help from parents is required to do programs setup before we start. 

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us: 


Phone: +971 2 5588624

Online camp offer: AED 439.00Online camp offer