Equipment List

Note: Once you have taken and successfully passed a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, you can reserve equipment for your projects whenever you work at Makerspace as a member. Membership is a vertified once you enter Makerspace Al Zeina. Be sure to bring your badge.

see moreIndustrial Serger [TXL0001]

Textiles [TXL]

The serger is usually used for stopping material from fraying. You can also use it for joining seams at the same time.

see moreIndustrial Straight Stitch [TXL0002]

Textiles [TXL]

This machine is mainly used for joining seams, top stitching, and simple embroidery.

see moreIndustrial Walking Foot [TXL0003]

Textiles [TXL]

The walking foot is used for stitching leather, canvas, and other thick materials - no job tough enough!

see moreCNC Embroidery Machine [TXL0004]

Textiles [TXL]

You can convert any image you choose into an embroidery pattern with this ingenious machine.

see moreBasic Sewing Machine [TXL0005]

Textiles [TXL]

With this machine you are able to create different types of stitches on fabric, as well as making light work of those tricky tasks like button holes and stitching zippers!