Equipment List

Note: Once you have taken and successfully passed a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, you can reserve equipment for your projects whenever you work at Makerspace as a member. Membership is a vertified once you enter Makerspace Al Zeina. Be sure to bring your badge.

see moreHand-held Biscuit Joiner [CHK0014]

*Checkout Items [CHK], Woodshop [WOD]

The biscuit joiner helps you tackle: edge-to-edge, end-to-edge, and miter-to-miter.

see moreElectric Hand Planer [CHK0015]

*Checkout Items [CHK], Woodshop [WOD]

Electric Hand Planers are time savers that have found their niche with such varied tasks, edge-smoothing, leveling lumber, and chamfering handrails

see moreHand-held Circular Saw [CHK0020]

*Checkout Items [CHK], Woodshop [WOD]

The hand-held circular saw is a portable saw that can help you cut your wood sheet or wood pieces.

see moreHand-held Router [CHK0021]

*Checkout Items [CHK], Woodshop [WOD]

With a router and a few bits, you can apply hundreds of various shapes to the edges of a piece of stock. Most router bits are versatile to do anything

see moreHand-held Sander [CHK0023]

*Checkout Items [CHK], Woodshop [WOD]

The hand-held sander has an orbital sanding disc that works in rotating action.

see moreCNC Router (ShopBot) [CNC0001]

Computer Numerical Controlled [CNC], Woodshop [WOD]

3 Axis Computer Numerical Control with 10 different interchangeable tools, ideal for machining parts, including facing, milling, drilling, tapping

see morePowered & Non-Powered Hand Tools [MTL0011]

Metal Shop [MTL], Tool Cribs [TCR], Woodshop [WOD]

The first step in woodworking, they come and different functions and format, mastering these tools reflect the level of skills an individual acquires.

see moreVertical Wood Bandsaw [WOD0003]

Woodshop [WOD]

Place your template on top of the piece of wood, trace and cut it. It is Ideal for cutting curves and trace cuts on wood.

see moreScroll Saw [WOD0004]

Woodshop [WOD]

This machine cuts curves on thin sheets of wood, it is the manual alternative for laser cutting.

see moreChop Saw (Mitre Saw) [WOD0005]

Woodshop [WOD]

This power tool can crosscut in a work pieces of wood quickly and also cut an accurate selected angle, mainly used for small pieces of wood or logs

see moreWood Drill Press [WOD0006]

Woodshop [WOD]

The drill press is used to make an accurate hole using different cutters with different speeds, diameters, and height.

see moreJointer [WOD0007]

Woodshop [WOD]

The best machine for creating even surfaces in lumber, the first step for planning lumber and creating reference planes for the thicknesses.

see morePlaner [WOD0008]

Woodshop [WOD]

Amazing and effortless machine for finishing lumber to the right thickness and shape.

see moreTable Router [WOD0009]

Woodshop [WOD]

A router table can helps you create chamfer, fillet, and many more alternations or shapes to you piece of wood.

see moreBelt/Disc Sander [WOD0010]

Woodshop [WOD]

Why spend hours sanding your part by hand when you can use a sanding machine that will cut the time in less than half

see moreTable Saw [WOD0012]

Woodshop [WOD]

The heart of the wood shop, great for cutting straight and angled cuts, can also be used to make grooves, and miter joints.

see moreWood Lathe [WOD0013]

Woodshop [WOD]

Woodturning is a craft that is using the wood lathe with hand-held tools, allowing you to create symmetrical shapes around the axis of rotation...