Equipment List

Note: Once you have taken and successfully passed a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, you can reserve equipment for your projects whenever you work at Makerspace as a member. Membership is a vertified once you enter Makerspace Al Zeina. Be sure to bring your badge.

see moreSandblasting Cabinet [GRN0001]

Grinding [GRN]

The sand blaster helps you strip away the old paint on your metal piece as well as remove all the rust and return your piece to raw metal.

see morePedestal Grinders [GRN0002]

Grinding [GRN]

General use grinder, with coarse and fine grains, ideal for finishing metal work as well as sharpening lathe tools.

see morePolishing Wheel [GRN0003]

Grinding [GRN]

From old jewelry to a new lathed part, you can use the buffing wheel with different buffing compounds to add that nice shine to your material.

see moreDisc Sander [GRN0004]

Grinding [GRN]

This machine is for sanding parts, it's a big rotating sanding disk mounted on a motor.

see moreBelt Sander [GRN0005]

Grinding [GRN]

Belt sanders are multi use tools. They are commonly used for trimming, sanding very rough surfaces, leveling surfaces and freehand rounding and shaping