Personal Sevices

In recent years our spaces have kept pace with the changing landscape of product development, evolving from a pure DIY workshop and fabrication studio to a facility that also supports hardware innovation with high-end professional design, prototyping and fabrication services.

The following services are offered to support our Members and Non-Members:

Do-it-for-me Prototyping

IMG_0065-1.jpgWhile we love to see our makers getting hands-on in our workshop, there are times when that is not possible. Sometimes you may need some extra expertise, or may be under time pressure to get a job complete. At the moment of course, we are all social distancing to keep everyone healthy. This is where Do-It-For-Me can come in handy. If you have already engineered your piece but need it to be made for you using equipment here in the makerspace, or if you have an idea that you want engineered, then this may be just the service you are looking for.

Simply send across your design files for manufacture to produce your parts, or alternatively let our skilled team take your concept from an idea in your head to a custom-made product. Let your imagination run wild – and we will turn it into reality!

Our Do-It-For-Me services are available to Members and Non-Members and include the following range of capabilities:

2D/3D Design
We can create digital designs from your hand sketches and provide online support or a private consultation to help convert your idea into a viable design.
Laser Cutting
Harness the power of our state-of-the-art laser cutters…from the comfort of your living room! They are able to cut through a large variety of materials as well as engrave an even larger variety of materials. Your ideas, put into action by us here in store and ready for shipping/ collection as and when you require
3D Printing 
3D printing services tailored to your needs: whatever you can dream up, we will print your model for you. Our Ultimaker machines have incredible tolerances and resolution, which means better, more accurate parts for you with sharper edges and cleaner lines. We look forward for being the first stop for your 3D printing needs.
Wood Sheet Cutting
Large wood sheets, such as plywood or MDF, are hard to handle. We therefore offer a cutting service for wood sheets purchased outside and inside the Makerspace retail area.
Kiln Firing
Our kiln is waiting for your ceramic art piece to be fired before and after glazing.

Contact us at 02 558 86 24 or via to arrange for any of these services. Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with Makerspace staff and equipment availability. Individual rates apply for the various services. 

Consulting and Project Assistance

Helper Vince-NTS.jpgMaybe your project is at a stage where you can continue to work on it yourself from home, or you have access to the tools or equipment you need to advance your planning for now. Perhaps you are dedicating some time to learning a new maker skill or upskilling on existing ones. Or maybe you have finally run out of excuses and are getting around to fixing that shelf at home! Whatever maker challenge you might be facing right now, do not do it alone!

Remember our team of experienced and skilled technicians are still on hand to support and advise you in any way you need. Our staff will dedicate time to responding to the questions you want answered. Just get in touch and we will offer some useful, practical solutions to whatever maker conundrums you’re looking to solve without the usual access to makerspace equipment. No challenge too big or too small!

Contact us at 02 558 86 24 or via to arrange this service. Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with Makerspace staff and equipment availability. Individual rates apply depending on the requested services.

Personal Training

Textiles.jpgAttend an one-on-one SBU (Safety and Basic Use) or another class taught at your convenience with one of our knowledgeable Makerspace instructors.

A one-time extra fee of AED 210 per class (incl. VAT 5%) will be charged in addition to the regular Member or Non-Member class price. 

If you want to sign up with more than one student to a private class, then the scheduling fee can be equally split between the number of students. Up to three additional attendees may join the class. 1-2 days’ notice are required to match the participant’s schedule with staff and equipment availability.

Please contact Front Desk at 02 558 8624 or via  to request a personal class. Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with Makerspace staff and equipment availability.