Services and Programmes

TechShop is here to help make it easy for you to get your projects done. That's why we offer a variety of specialized programmes and services to you. Our services include Private Classes and Personal Services. We also offer additional services such as Room Rental and Reservation, Materials Shipping and Receiving, Project Storage and Large Format Printing.


Our current programme, the TechShop Makerspace Academy is a step-by-step learning experience designed to walk educational institutions, libraries and other innovative organizations through the critical steps of designing, equipping and operating safe and inspirational makerspaces based on the TechShop model.


In case of any queries in terms of our Services and Programmes, please contact our Front Desk team in Abu Dhabi at 02 558 86 24 or via for more information.

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TechShop offers a wide variety of personal services to help you with whatever you dream up. Personal services are available to TechShop members for 380 AED per hour.


Professional Services and Prototyping

With TechShop's Professional and Prototyping Services, you can actually work alongside one of our Dream Consultants or instructors to produce your parts. If you have already engineered your piece but need it to be made for you using equipment at TechShop, or If you have an idea that you want engineered, this may be just the service you've been looking for.

Our highly motivated team is ready to take your design ideas from and idea in your head to a custom made product, and help you choose the right way to tackle your project challenges

For your own safety, in order to use equipment when working with our Dream Consultants or instructors, you must have already passed the SBU(s) for that equipment.

Contact your TechShop in Abu Dhabi at 02 558 86 24 or via to arrange for any of these services. Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with TechShop staff and equipment availability.



We can create digital designs from hand sketches, as well as have a private consultation to help convert your idea into a design.



TechShop provides 3D printing services to serve your needs whether or not you are a TechShop member we will print your model for you.

Astonishing machines from MakerBot to Ultimaker with incredible tolerances and resolution, which means better, more accurate parts for you with sharper edges and cleaner lines. We look forward for being the first stop for your 3D printing needs.



Our laser cutters are state of the art machines, they are able to cut through a large variety of materials as well as engrave an even larger variety of materials.


Private Class


Attend a one-on-one SBU (Safety and Basic Use) or other class taught at the convenience of you and a knowledgeable TechShop instructor. Up to three additional attendees may join you for just 200 AED per class.


For customized SBUs and other personalized training please contact your TechShop Front Desk in Abu Dhabi at 02 558 8624 or via . Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with TechShop staff and equipment availability.


If the class you wanted to take is full or there is none available during a convenient time for you let us know and we will schedule the class as soon as there are enough people interested, and publish it on the website for you and for other member to join.

Makerspace Academy


A comprehensive step-by-step academy designed to walk educators and librarians through the critical steps of designing, equipping and operating successful, safe and inspirational public makerspaces based on the TechShop model.


The leader in the design and operation of world class makerspaces worldwide, TechShop is pleased to share its years of experience in this hands-on, in-person academy taught by TechShop’s front line staff. We'll help you navigate the complex challenges of:


  • Planning for open accessibility while maintaining accountability and safety
  • Formulating inspirational, productive and safe makerspaces
  • Determining the right size for your makerspace based on mission, space and budget
  • Establishing rules and policies to safely and effectively manage a makerspace
  • Selecting and installing tools and equipment
  • Training staff
  • Implementing appropriate curriculum and workshops


Graduates of the intensive three-and-a-half day course will receive The TechShop Makerspace Academy Certification showing successful completion of the most comprehensive and relevant training in maker space construct and operation currently available.

All materials, breakfast and lunch, training, academy training binder and certificate are included with the enrollment fee.

Academy sessions are limited to 12 participants. Add-on discounts are available for schools or libraries interested in sending two or more participants to the same Academy session.

Questions? Interested? Email or click on a location to register for a session near you!

Refer a Friend


Do you know someone who would love the TechShop experience?

Enjoy our Win-Win deal! When you refer a friend and they purchase a first time membership, you are awarded a FREE 1-month membership! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, so prepare your list!

To learn more see front desk or email us at


Q. How many Friends can use me as a referral?
A. All of them.


Q. What do I receive when my friend uses me as a referral?
A. You will receive a one month free membership.


Q. Does my friend receive anything for using me as a referral?

A. No, this offer is applicable to the referral only.


Q. Do I have to be there when my friend signs up for the membership?

A. No, but your friend should know your full name and email address.

Q. My friend was a TechShop member a few years ago. Do I still get a free month if he/she signs up again?

A. No. The Refer a Friend program is only available for first-time members of TechShop.

Q. Is there an expiration or auto-activation date on the 1-month membership?
A. Yes! Your free 1-month membership will be auto-activated immediately once granted or one day after your existing membership ends.