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Makerspace Online Shop

Makerspace Al Zeina brings you a one stop shop to power all your maker needs, wherever you are.

Our reliable service guarantees you fast delivery of all the components and materials you need to realise your projects of any size. We can supply those hard-to-source pieces safely to your door, and can fulfil bulk orders as well as one off items.

With customer service you can trust, we work with companies, entrepreneurs, schools, colleges, universities, trainers, artists or hobbyists to ensure you have everything you need to build your project and get it right first time. 

We have years of experience sourcing components and tools for electronics, woodwork, metalwork, STEAM education and much more, bringing you high quality parts from the local market and beyond at the best prices.

Our dedicated team know the best parts for the job, and our components don’t compromise on quality. Working from the Makerspace in Abu Dhabi, we have helped our members to make hundreds of projects a reality since 2016.

In addition to using our speedy home delivery, customers can visit us in store to see retail items before purchase, for an in-person pickup, or even just to consult with our knowledgeable staff.