Hands on beginner's level wood joinery

Makerspace Al Zeina invites you to join the community of wood lovers and enrol in our upcoming beginner's sessions in learning the basics of wood joinery.

These weekly sessions are designed to introduce furniture making enthusiasts to basic wood joinery and how it can be used to build furniture.

Makers will gain knowledge on different types of wood and their uses, different types of joinery and, gain knowledge and experience with hand tools (pull saws, chisels, mallets), sharpening chisels and the process of laminating, sanding and finishing a piece of wood. Makers will leave the course with a stool designed and fabricated by them using the knowledge gained in the course. 

These sessions are taught by Nourhan Rahhal, a maker and Athath Fellow! 

Sessions dates and topics:

  • Wood Joinery Sessions are scheduled every Sunday of the week between 16:00  - 19:00
  • You can pick and choose any topics you like! 

Upcoming Sessions

  • Session 1 (08/05/2022): Box Joint
    • General introduction to the woodshop and hand tools, types of wood, and joinery 
    • Makers will build a box (jewelery, coin, accessories box w/ cover)
  • Session 2 (22/05/2022): Mortise + Tenon
    • Learn about the different types of chisels and how to sharpen them using a water stone
    • Makers will make a wooden mallet 
  • Session 3 (29/05/2022): Dovetail Joint
    • Preparing a plank of wood: Planning and jointing (demo only), learn about soft and hard woods and the difference between wood grains
    • Makers will build laptop holder 
  • Session 4 (05/06/2022): Tongue + Groove
    • An introduction to the different types of clamps, wood lamination, planning, post planning and squaring wood 
    • Participants will make a sushi board 
  • Session 5 (12/06/2022): Half Lap/ Corner Halving
    • Introduction to function of dowels and biscuits joints, Butt joint + Mitered butt joints
    • Makers will build a phone holder 
  • Session 6 (19/06/2022): Project session 1
    • Stool designing; introduction to project + start designing
  • Session 7 (26/06/2022): Project session 2
    • Production of stool
  • Session 8 (03/07/2022): Project session 3
    • Finishing stools and applying finishes and Sanding methods
    • Take your product home! 

Prerequisites & Other Requirements

  • The class will be conducted in English.
  • No other class prerequisite apply.


  • Class Price: AED 285 per session

Age & Supervision requirements

  • Minimum age: 15
  • Maximum age: None!


  • We have implemented all necessary precautionary measures to ensure that all our makers can enjoy this workshop in safe and clean environments. We cannot offer drinks or snacks, so please bring your own water bottles. Should you notice the slightest signs of illness or unusual tiredness, we kindly ask you to stay at home. 
  • Social distancing is applied, participants are requested to wear masks at all times. 
  • Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for all participants. Open-toed footwear of any kind is not permitted and unfortunately if this requirement is not met, we will not be able to allow access to the facility.


If you need any assistance registering for multiple sessions or for any other queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us: 


Phone: +971 2 5588624